Hey Bully: God Know's Who You Are "Free Gift with purchase"

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The Bully can see how you treat others- To be able to show love to others- Being able to show a Bully you are not afraid- The things they say you are able to ignore- You know and believe God is with you- You have a friend in Jesus- Scriptures you can find in the Bible. This book will let you know you're never alone and God is with you always. The Lord's Prayer will give you comfort. You are loved no matter what, and that God loves the Bully also. When I was growing up I was surrounded with childhood educators. I taught in several schools also substituted, and was a paraprofessional. I have interacted with children of all ages. There is nothing greater than seeing a child full of Joy and laughter. I have a special love for children. I would like for all children to become someone special in today's world. Now that I am a great grandmother, what a pleasure God has allowed me to become. Without Him where would we be?

Author: Brenda Edwards

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