Our History

We care about others health, We do not cut corners and add BAD ingredients to any of our products. NO MSG, Low Sodium. The ingredients that is safe and improves the taste of all vegetables. See our heading, improve your appetite and what see  what we been during the past 39 years plus.

Our mission is to make healthy, vegetable based seasonings that;  taste incredible, are good for you, have no fat, are low in sodium,no MSG, low in carbohydrates and make you and your family happier and bring your family closer together. Set a good table and families will begin to community more thout the interruption of phones, games, or TV.

One taste of King Louie's Special Seasonings and you won"t look at vegetables or meat the same way again.

One day, God brought me a customer, unlike what I was accustomed.  I was completely unprepared for. Vegetarians. They asked if there was any pork or meat in the collard greens. So I asked myself a serious question, "What are you going to do King Louie? Lie to the nice people?" So I came up with a way of making  these usually meat seasoned dishes for vegetarians with animal free products. I used all of my culinary intuition and came up with a vegetable spice blend that taste good without flavoring from meat. The vegetarians customers asked if there was any pork or meat products in the food?  I could honestly say "No. Absolutely none." I held my breath and served them some of the new dishes i came up with. I was absolutely shocked and amazed when they were coming back to see if there were seconds. They raved that this was the best tasting food they had ever had. So good they wanted more food and the secret recipe. It open up new avenue for us, Vegetarians,Quinceanera(Sweet 15),Bar-Bat Mitzvah,Sweet Sixteen, Jewish Wedding. 

Thinking back, I can definitely tell you all for certain that day, that client and those serving trays was the inspiration that gave birth of our King Louie brand of King Louie Seasoning..

Established 1982  39 YEARS .

Since 1982 King Louie Special Blend had been servicing schools in Miami, Florida, for Black History; at schools in Liberty City, Opa Locka, Carol City and Juneteenth Events in Miami, Florida, Over town areas. Special Black History events for, University of Miami, St. Thomas, and Florida Memorial College. Black History events in Compton California, City of Miami, City of Opa Locka,City of Mira mar, and State of Florida, In Georgia Farm to Table at Schools... We traveled from Coconut Grove to Georgia. We loved each and every miniute. It open up new avenue for us, Vegetarians,Quinceanera(Sweet 15),Bar-Bat Mitzvah,Sweet Sixteen, Jewish Wedding. I was able to work with a Rabbi  so I learned to have controls on the things I do. 

Using King Louie Collard Green Seasoning. Thanks to the millions of people that enjoys our seasoning, and all the companies, and people that support us.

WE THANK YOU EACH AND EVERYONE. Most of them is repeat customers.