Need to have a better Appetite

How to improve your appetite, That's why King Louie is updating and adding so many blends. Helping to improve your taste buds, changes that may have been  from the antiseptic and walking in places, the alcohol in the air. Cause Dry Mouth. Put on your mask and read more from King Louie who helped so many people with their taste buds. Like in the Bible, Isaac requested Esau to make some savory meat. GENESIS 27:4. We are  like Isaac. All of us, want something that is tasty, and I could say Savory also. All you need is King Louie Special Blends to get your taste buds moving again. So I came up with a way of making these usually seasoned dishes even better. People now  want food to taste good food  without the use of Pork (Fat Back). Nothing has change in the pass 39 years. Think about it.: Hamburgers are not saving the Pig (Pork) you guess it. It's all about the Bacon, 2 slices or 4 slices, Bacon crumbles the more the better. In closing eat healthy and follow science and wear the mask, get your Covid Vaccine shot in the arm. Let the science at King Louie Special Blend keep your food Savory and the best. Thank you Joe and Brenda Edwards. 7-3-1971 .