Established 1982 40YEARS                                                                                     .Since 1982 King Louie Special Blend had been servicing schools in Miami, Florida, for Black History; at schools in Liberity City, Opa Locka, Carol City and Juneteenth Events in Miami, Florida, Overtown areas. Special Black History events for, University of Miami, St. Thomas, and Florida Memorial College. Black History events in Compton California, City of Miami, City of Opa Locka,City of Miramar, and State of Florida, In Georgia Farm to Table at Georgia Schools.. We traveled from Coconut Grove to Georgia.  We selected a job we loved and we been together for 50 years.Never stop working. always with you in mind.It open up new avenue for us, Vegaterians,Quinceanera(Sweet 15),Bar-Bat Mitzah,Sweet Sixteen, Jewish Wedding and Health .. . We loved each and every miniute. he who speak without modesty(the quality or state of being unassuming or moderate in the estimation of one's abilities). will find it difficult to make his words good. Have faith in King Louie. Trust the fruit from the tree.

Using King Louie Collard Green Seasoning. Thanks to the millions of people that enjoys our seasoning, and all the companies, and people that support us. We stood tall and spoke out on using salt and Pork.