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King Louie Special Blend Seasonings
Our mission is to make healthy,  seasonings that taste incredible, are good for you, have no fat, are low in sodium, low in carbohydrates and bring you and your family happier and closer together.
One taste of King Louie Seasonings and your vegetables will never taste the same again. Finally You Found  Me.

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King Louie was a soul food caterer. He received countless awards and letters of appreciation from city officials, mayors and governors as thee top caterer in Miami over 25 years in a row. His father was a master rib cook. Growing up around all of this cooking King Louie was not even involved with cooking at first. He says one day my sister Bettye taught me how to cook and how to master controlling portions.

King Louie's Brother, Cheif John Dee Edwards USN, once served the President of the United States down in Key West. The experience was like getting a masters degree in culinary arts he recalls. We were serving and tasting more than 600 catered meals each week. That will teach you to have a sensitive palette and learn how to make dishes perfect time and again. Just right each time. We would fry hundreds of pounds of chicken each week. We were frying turkeys, simmering pork and ham hocks. A whole lot of the dishes we made somehow involved pork and the more the merrier. We would choose the largest of the ham hocks, fatty pork and bacon ends. Let that simmer all day and add that into the collard greens and green beans. I thought and was taught that was good southern cooking. I then experienced the moment of my awakening.

One Day, God brought me a new kind of customer I was completely unprepared for. Vegetarians. They were asking if there was any pork or meat in the collard greens. So I asked myself a serious question, What are you going to do King Louie, lie to the nice people? So I came up with a way of making these vegetarians animal free products. I used all of my culinary intuition and came up with a vegetable spice blend that tasted good without meats in the flavoring. The Vegetarians came up and asked if there was any pork or meat products in the food? I said "No, absolutely none". I held my breath and served them some of the new dishes I came up with. I was absolutely shocked and amazed when they were coming back to see if there were seconds. They raved that this was the best tasting food they had ever had. So good they wanted more food AND the secret recipe.

Thinking back, I can definitely tell you all for certain. That client, that day and those serving trays were the birth of our King Louie brand with King Louie Collard Greens Seasoning which blossomed into what it is today.