King Louie Fried Turkey Kit

King Louie Fried Turkey Kit

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The Holiday Season it over! Maybe I should say the turkey season is over?
Well one thing gone for the moment is the memories of those dried out turkeys. Don't let the ghosts of turkeys past deter you from trying again. Just learn to do it right is all.

It wasn’t the cheap price you paid for your turkey. It wasn't how old or large your turkey was. It was the way your Turkey was prepared. If you baked, fried or smoked your turkey and it was dry, something just went terribly wrong is all. I had quite a few dried up turkeys long ago too. I had to learn. You know them.The pretty golden brown turkeys that were so dried out you had to smother them in gravy or liquids to re-hydrate them to chew them.

I said, I will figure out what it is to do it right every time and have that tender, juicy succulent turkey every time. And I did it.

I know you trust King Louie.  So I ask you  Make this purchase. Order Now! The Kits are a mere $50.00 each. This kit information is highly classified and will last you your lifetime.
Once you sign a agreement with us of course. That is not to reveal our secrets.
Last thing. There are No Returns and No Refunds.

For the next go around,  I can teach you what I learned cooking a hundred thousand of these mouth-watering turkeys now.

First you need to keep an eye out when they have a price roll back. Buy two turkeys because when you finish frying or baking you will need the extra turkey. The first one will somehow disappear right before your eyes when your ready for thirds and fourths. Plus now you have a potential new venture. Selling fried turkey’s. Once you sign a agreement with us, not to reveal our secrets of course. We will teach you to bake and fry a turkey properly. Then you can apply the same for smoking a turkey. You need to purchase the equipment for frying a turkey. After the Holidays they should be much cheaper. One of the best is the Butterball Turkey Fryer, AMAZON has it!

This kit will include all information. The information has never been revealed anywhere before. 
On  Baking ,( Its not the old turning the turkey over and cooking.)
Frying a Turkey and smoking it.
Brining at different stages 1 turkey – 9 turkeys recipes. At a time.
Simple Solution from frozen to ready to go.
Maximum Flavor hands down. Those injector never touch this method.
Tools and kit for your Turkey frying
You must buy the ingredients for our recipes on your own.

And information on juicy baked chicken, cooking quails that look like they were roasted. Like a fine dining banquet chicken presentation. Inside you will find information on ordering food for the holidays, pans of macaroni and cheese, Peas, wild rice, collard greens, cabbage, cakes and pies.

Top Secrets on preparing a Turkey for frying.The little kits for injection give you part of the secret, but I never use the kits. Some people use the little injector, just to see the butter sauce and Cajun cooks never use injection like that. I have the secret and it is only known by a few and shared only by King Louie. Once you know the secret, you will be the one everyone wants to come over and cook. Sell a few and get your investment back.

Above all else, you will never have a dry bird ever again.

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